Labradoodle Breed

     A North American or Early Gen Labradoodle is a cross between the two purebred breeds of Poodle and a Labrador Retriever.
 An Australian Labradoodle has three main breeds in its lineage: Poodle, Labrdor Retreiver and Cocker Spaniel.Our Labradoodles have an awesome lineage introducing the North American Labradoodle into the Australian Labradoodle Line producing a strong and healthy genetic line of Australian Labradoodles.
 Labradoodle coats are fleece with low to non-shedding qualities. They have less dog odor, and are considered hypo-allergenic.  We like to explain the defintion of hypo-allergenic which is  "less likely to cause allergic reactions." Since every person and every allergy is indiviual, no one can guarantee any dog completely  free  of  allergen reactors.  But Labradoodles do offer you one of the best choices in the hypo-allergenic dog world.

     The Labradoodle breed is well known for trainability in the home as well as a wonderful tempermant and trainability as guide dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. These loving dogs typically display an intuition about current emotional needs of their family members. This ability to "key in" to emotions is what makes them such good lifetime companions. They are also know for their comic fun and loving warm preaonalities - very family attached dogs!   

     We like to call Kya our "velcro dog"  she is so attached to us.